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Welcome to Happy Christmas Nativity!

No two sets are ever the same... although I tend to make them in batches of 4 , I cannot tell you what quirky little figurines are going to be produced!

I make them from polymer clay and bake them so they are hardened. They will crack if treated roughly - so they are not toys!

The sets come together with



Baby Jesus

2 Shepherds + 1 Lamb

3 Kings + Gifts

I purposely omitted an angel because as we know -Gabriel turned up 9 months prior to the birth ... and technically there should be a host of heavenly angels in the sky over Bethlehem.


What I do hope, is that if you buy one of my Happy Nativity sets.... you might like to add your own angel?


I would love to see your pictures! Leave me a message on my Facebook page. 

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