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I welcome the opportunity to create bespoke figurines for customers upon request. The finished model would ideally incorporate the more prominent characteristics and  pastimes of the recipient, along with identifying features of clothing and accessories.

These are made from polymer clay, and are created in a sitting position - usually on a seat pitch height of approximately 6 cms  (ramekin dish height)

Bespoke models are priced in a range of £23 - £25 depending on specifications.


All models come gift wrapped. (To be collected)  The process of ordering involves an in-depth discussion of the buyers requirements and expectations.


Characters are a cartoon imitation and not an exact replica. Photos and choices of hair colour, facial hair, glasses and headwear are also options to consider. Types of footwear and clothing should also be considered to ensure your figurine resembles your recipient

Throughout the process, the customer will be sent photos to ensure they are happy with the final product.

The figurine is then baked , and at this stage payment in full is requested.


I only ask you to pay for the model when you are happy.

Models involving pets are charged at £30 - £35 depending on the breed of dog. Each additional pet is £5 - £8

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