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Photo of the Cottage I was asked to replicate

The Christmas gift from the photo

A Beach hut to celebrate a wonderful friendship

Beach hut for a wonderful friend

Special new baby twins

New Baby twins ...

A Fabulous friends 50th Birthday Commission

A Fabulous friends 50th Birthday Commission

Can you paint a house for a friend that loves SKA and Madness?

Making it personal....

Can you paint a house for a friend that loves Festivals?

Making it personal...

Can you paint a house for a friend who loves all things Gothic?

Can you paint a house for a friend who loves all things Gothic... and making it personal

A special friends gift... memories

A gif for a very special friend

A Gift for a friend

personalised for the family

Personal Colours

The client asked me for a style of house which she loved, in colours to match her colour scheme in her home... I added a little pet silhouette on the side along with the name of the road and her house number..

A Personal Memory

Painting someone's house is just such a lovely memory for them to keep, especially when you can add pets, favourite flowers and other treasured details.

A two block Happy House

Sometimes the houses need to be planned over two blocks to make it look right. This customer asked for the front of their house, along with her two adorable cats playing inside the front door. A lovely keepsake.

A thoughtful birthday gift

A friend commissioned a Happy House for a neighbour.. she sent me a photo, and we worked from there. Using colours of her interior to match its intended location, I added the details of the door, porch and windows, along with her treasured pussycat.

Please replicate my house for my husbands birthday - he like cycling!

Ringwood Infant CE School

I was commissioned to paint the school, and try to incorporate the Schools Christian Values.. I loved painting this as I was given artistic license to do what I wanted... luckily we were all pleased with the outcome.

A  Beautiful Gift

Created to suit a younger persons décor and personality, I enjoyed capturing their loves, pets and passions along with favourite colours.

A wonderful Mum

This was a commission to create a memory for a very special lady... all the things she loved and cared about. A very special tribute of love and affection captured in words and pictures.

A Christmas Commission ...

A Christmas commission..

The next few plaques are a commission for a lovely local pre school... they asked for inspirational colourful quotes to place around the room ...

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