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Copplestone Creations

Happy House Care and Protection 

These delightful dwellings have been handmade and upcycled from builders blocks and are designed to be inside or outside your home. They are weatherproofed to a degree – they are sealed , painted with exterior house paint then hand painted details are added with acrylic paint and sealed with varnish. If they are dropped, they could crack and break, or the paint will chip if treated roughly.

The longevity of houses placed outside will depend on how they are cared for.


As with all garden ornaments they do need care and attention  and I suggest taking them indoor during cold winters.

If you decide to place your house inside as an ornament, I enclose a square of felt for you to place your Happy House upon.   


Sometimes the bases are a little rough and the varnish a little tacky when freshly applied. This will help them preserve the furniture /surfaces they are seated on.

I hope that you will spread the word, if you are happy, please leave me feedback/ recommendation on my Facebook page.

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